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LEDetect 96 Price on application
Product No.: 1WR30202
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LEDetect 96
LEDetect 96
LEDetect 96

LEDetect 96

LEDetect 96 is a computer controlled microplate reader for 96 well plates. 

Easy and safe operation take away
the hassle from your daily microplate reading jobs. 
It is based on the most modern LED technology, no need to
worry about lamp replacements anymore.

LED Technology
Instead of lamps and filters, LEDetect 96 is fitted with up to 6 intelligent, wavelength
specific LED-plugins. 
Each plugin contains it's own digital ID, LED-light source, Filter and lenses in one
easily exchangeable component.
Low power consumption:
In times like these, low power consumption must be a key issue with any electrical devices. 
With a maximum consumption of 12W during reading and a standby consumption of not more than
LEDetect 96 again is setting new standards.

Unrivaled optical performance: 
Using LED's as light
source moves all those known problems with halogen lamps used in other readers to history. 
Modern LEDs are
known for their high and extremely stable light energy paired with very low energy consumption
at no heat
Intelligent LED Plugins:
Adding new wavelengths (e.g. 340nm) or exchanging existing ones is as easy and safe
as 1-2-3. Auto-recognition of the individual plugins takes away the worry about "lter positions in the reader.

Computer Controlled: 
LEDetect 96
is fully computer
Capture 96 (included) allows to read plates
and collect the raw OD data from the reader. 
With it's
clipboard function, it allows to paste raw data into any spreadsheet program for further calculations.
All these great features combined in one product make LEDETECT 96 the next generation microplate reader of your choice!

Parameter Value

Plate Types 96 well, round,

Optical system 8 channel absorbance photometer

Light source Wavelength speci

Photodetector 8 Silicon photodiodes

Wavelength range 340 - 900nm

Resolution 0.1 mOD (0.0001 OD)

Indication range 0.000 - 4.000 OD (Abs)


(any wavelength)


(any wavelength)


(any wavelength)

Meas. Mode Single and dual wavelength, standard reading

or linear scan (30 points/well)

Reading speed 5 seconds (kinetic interval, single wavelength)

10 seconds (96 well, dual wavelength)

Wavelengths 4 wavelengths onboard (405, 450, 492, 620nm)

up to 6 possible (340 – 900)

Shaking 4 Shaking modes

PC-Interface USB 2.0

PC Software Capture96 included

MikroWin 2010 demo version included

Dimensions 23cm x 12cm x 36cm (W x H x L)

Weight 6.7 kg net / 8.5 kg gross

Housing Anodized Aluminium with Acrylic components

Power requirements

24VDC, 2.5A

Consumption: 2W stdby / 12W operation max

98/79/EC IVD CE

Scope of Supply

Power adapter 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, USB Cable,

4 Standard Filters, User manual (CD), Capture96

Control Software, MikroWin2010 demo version

!at or V- shaped bottom"c LED± 1% and ± 0.005 OD to 3.5 OD± 0.5% and ± 0.005 OD to 3.5 OD± 0.5% and ± 0.005 OD to 3.5 OD

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