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is a flexible, powerful and user friendly control and evaluation software for the microplate based measurement devices PHOmo and LUmo.
Instrument control
Designed as a common platform, all microplate based measurement instruments manufactured and marketed by Autobio are seamlessly integrated into AUTOsoft. Results from different instruments and assays are managed in one application.
A Quick Test function can be used to acquire measurement data for external evaluation and a the Scan Measurement function provides access to the scan feature of PHOmo and the related data.
Flexible and simple assay setup and operation
We have made all efforts to make routine operation and assay setup with AUTOsoft as simple and intuitive as possible, well aware that with the variety of test systems our customers are operating every day only the best products can provide best support to the job.
Database storage
All data is stored in a database for safety and flexible access to your valuable data.
User administration
AUTOsoft provides access control by user name and password for 2 different authorization levels.
Quantitative evaluation: Samples of unknown concentrations can be quantified using a standard curve with up to 8 standard points. Curve fits (linear regression, point to point, cubic spline and 4 parameter fit) with linear and logarithmic axis scaling as well as extrapolation options are available for quantitative evaluation. Standard curves can be saved and reused later on for the same type of assay – as saved or adjusted with one or two measured standard points. 
Qualitative evaluation: based on up to 3 different cut off values – for either measured values, transformation or concentration - can be used to assign samples to up to 5 different groups.
Semi-quantitative evaluation based on mathematical transformations.
Replicate elimination, validation and quality control
Criteria for replicate elimination and conditions for validation can be defined to verify correct assay performance.
QC Data can be recorded automatically for each assay run over time, statistically analyzed and used to verify reliable performance of the full test system (L-J - and instant method are available). QC Data can also be added manually.
Manual changes and additions to the result data are recorded and can be viewed in a log.
Patient based data management
Detailed patient data can be added to the samples IDs and the related results. Results of external tests, carried out with other material and equipment can be added manually to provide a full, patient based result overview in a single printed report over time and across different assays.
Printout and Export functions
Result and sample printouts together with various export functions for external data handling are available.

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