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Product No.: 13101100
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LUMO is a state of the art microplate luminometer, designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s microplate based, glow luminescence applications.

Combining the expertise of our team of instrumentation specialists in Europe and the diagnostics background, LUMO is the result of a development making best use of synergies across the globe and our commitment to quality. 

special features

High sensitivity and wide dynamic range
Combing these two key requirements, LUMO gives you the possibility to effeciently run a wide variety of luminescence applications.

Very low crosstalk
LUMO incorporates a sophisticated, adaptive positioning system, keeping the detector as close as possible above the sample to eliminate instrument related crosstalk and make optimum use of LUMOs high sensitivity and dynamic.

It takes typicall less than 40 seconds to read a 96-well plate at 0.1 sec integration time

Accomodates 96- and 48-well micropaltes
The plate carrier system is designed to accomodate 96- and 48-well microplates without an additional adaptor required.

Robot integration
The accurate front loading mechanism, it’s compact design with the removeable front panel and it’s reliability makes LUMO the ideal choice for integration into robotic systems.



LUmo meets the requirements of an IVD-Device according to the In Vitro Medical Diagnostics Directive 98/79/EC Annex III. Certified as IVD, LUmo is qualified to be used with strictly controled Invitro Diagnostic Applications.
Autobio Labtec Instrument is ISO 13485 certified company.

AUTOsoft powerful control and evaluation software
LUMO comes with AUTOsoft, a powerful, flexible, Windows® based control and evaluation software. For details please send us your profile

main applications

Thyroid Hormones | Tumor Markers | Reproductive Endocrinology | Diabetes | Infectious Disease | Cardiac Markers | Adrenal/Pituitary | Bone Metabolism | TDM | Anemia | LIA Other Analytes | Nucleic acid quantification | Aequorin Ca++ assays | Ion channels / GPCR´s | Two-Hybrid / Protein – protein interaction | Apoptosis / Cell viability / Cell cytotoxicity | ATP determination | Reactive oxygen species (ROS)

Detection system Photomultiplier module
Detection mode Glow luminescence
Spectral sensitivity range 300 - 650nm
Dynamic/indication range 0 - 1.600.000.000 RLU
Measurement unit RLU (Relative Light Units)
Sensitivity 1 x 10E-23 mol HRP @ 545nm
Repeatability < 2%
Crosstalk < 1 x 10E-7 (typical)
Measurement time
typical < 40 seconds
@ 0.1 sec. integration time for a 96-well plate
Integration time 0.1 sec to 10 sec in increaments of 0.1sec
Plate types 96-well and 48-well (4x12) microplatesplates
max. height 15.2 mm
Shaking 3 modes

33.5cm x 20.5cm x 46.5cm (W x H x L)

Weight 13kg net
Power Supply (external) Voltage range: 90-130V and 180-250V, 47 - 63Hz (autosensing)
Data Connections Serial Interface: RS232 (9-pin) + USB 2.0 (optional)

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